Committees and Affiliates

We have several subcommittees and affiliated organizations that work on various avenues of education and promotion. 

Join one of our subcommittees and help to spread the mission!

Scottish Society History

The First 40 Years

 Society Bylaws


San Antonio Pipes and Drums (affiliate)


The dulcet sounds of the bagpipe ring peacefully in a Scotsman’s ear

Contact us to see how you can get the Pipes and Drums to your next get together.

Now looking for new Drummers!  If you have experience please sign up.

Whisky not included

Bluebonnet Scottish Country Dancers of San Antonio

If you can walk you can dance


The Blue Bonnet Scottish Country Dancers of San Antonio is a fun and engaging group that enjoy sharing our culture with EVERYONE!!!!

Scottish dancing is a very special form of dance, however, you do not need a partner to participate.  Do not confuse the Scottish country dance with the Scottish highland dance, which is a competitive individual dance. The country dances are derived from the dances of the 17th and 18th centuries and contemporary dances are being created daily.

The benefits to ones health, both physical and mental from Scottish country dancing is without question. SCD is a worldwide phenomenon. Groups are located throughout our country, and the globe.  Living in the San Antonio area we are fortunate to have such a vibrant and welcoming group!

We meet Sundays, 3-6 p.m. at Our Lady of the Lake University, at the IFCC building.  Any questions? Email

Beginner dancers are welcome!!



San Antonio Highland Dancers (affiliate)


Join us to learn Scottish Highland dancing. All ages, all levels
welcome. No experience necessary! New dancers please contact for information.

Highland Dancing is a long tradition and an integral part of any highland games because it is both an art and a sport that provides young people with the opportunity to build self-confidence, discipline, perseverance and athletic ability. It also promotes the preservation of Scottish culture and ensures that the knowledge and understanding of Scottish heritage is preserved so it can be passed onto the next generation.

Scottish Highland dancing requires skill, strength, and endurance to perform the highly technical dance which derived primarily from solo step dancing. Highland dancing involves both complicated footwork performed on the balls of the feet, in conjunction with upper body, arm, and hand movements. The traditional Highland dances include The Highland Fling, The Sword Dance, Seann Truibhas (pronounced ‘Shawn Trewes’), Reel of Tulloch, the Irish Jig, and the Sailor’s Hornpipe, among others.

We have competitive and non-competitive dancers ranging from age 4 up to adult and enjoy performing in and around San Antonio to promote our Scottish heritage.

Society members receive free dance lessons


Genealogy and Heraldry




What do you know of your Ancestry?

Perhaps we have information that could help in your quest to understand your own genealogy.



“Where are ye from?”


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David Sutherland

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